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Speed Math Introduction

This course offers many interesting math shortcuts that will help you master basic math tasks like Multiplication, Division, Squaring and Cubing, Addition and Subtraction and even Checking answers in the shortest possible time.

These Speed Math shortcuts will help students improve their speed and accuracy of mathematical calculation by almost 10 times.

The shortcuts in this course are based on the ancient Indian Vedic Math techniques and the Russian Trachtenberg system of Speed Mathematics.

These shortcuts can be used across many types of Math questions involving Multiplying, Dividing, Squaring, Cubing, Adding, Subtraction numbers and even for check your answers. Students of grade 4 and above will significantly benefit learning these shortcuts as this can help them build Mental Math skills.

Speed Math Course Contents

The course contains 70 shortcuts each with 5 examples in video format. Plus each shortcut has a downloadable Practice sheet. With almost 140 solved examples and the downloadable practice sheets, students will not only be able to learn the shortcuts, but also master them quickly.

Shortcut CategoryNumber of Shortcuts
Multiplication Shortcuts32
Division Shortcuts7
Squaring & Square Root Shortcuts16
Cubing Shortcuts7
Addition & Subtraction Shortcuts3
Shortcuts to Check Answers4

NOTE: Be sure to check out all the examples of each shortcut. Download the practice sheet and practice solving the questions using the shortcut technique you learned in the videos.

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